Going Out - Gingerline's Chambers_

Leave behind the world you know and journey into the multiverse this summer with Gingerline’s Chambers_, a completely immersive experience which sees audiences take on the role of universe hopping cartographers, dining on 5 courses of flavoursome food while traversing through a vast and sprawling interdimensional playground.

Photo credit - David Greig
As my friend and I arrive at the clandestine location of Gingerline’s latest culinary concourse (having received instructions on how to get to the location earlier that day), we trade in our earthly belongings for a hip and very functional bum-bag and a muddled-up map, which gives us our first hint as to what we’ve gotten ourselves into. More hints are dropped as we’re cryptically asked if we have any phobias. After replying in the negative, we’re allowed up into the bar to await the start of our gastronomic journey.

Photo credit - David Greig
After enjoying a cocktail or two in the dimly lit headquarters of the Dimension Centre, we’re shunted into what looks like the belly of a rickety spaceship, and expulsed into the first of our dimensional destinations. From then on it, there’s nowhere to go but onward. We clime, crawl and slide through a web of extraordinarily immersive worlds (Stripeland Productions have created a set so vast and intricate that it’d be difficult to describe even IF we were allowed to reveal the secrets of Chambers_), sampling the delicacies of each location we visit. 

Dietary requirements are catered for deftly, and although our vegetarian options do feel slightly less robust than their omnivorous counterparts, there’s more than enough food to keep us fuelled throughout the expedition.

Photo credit - David Greig
By the time we reach the end of our journey, our fellow audience members feel like friends. We’ve shared a remarkable night out, the likes of which we’re unlikely to experience again. Until, of course, Gingerline announces a follow-up.

Gingerline’s Chambers_ is an otherworldly trip like no other. Throw yourself into the action and you’ll have a truly unforgettable experience. Oh, and make sure you wear flat shoes. Even the most experience interdimensional travellers will struggle to navigate the multiverse in heels…