Throwback - Wicked (August 2013)

Wicked is one of the most popular shows on stage, and not without good reason. The show is currently celebrating its 10th year on Broadway and its 7th year on the West End, and this year it embarked on its first UK and Ireland tour. Boasting over 90 awards internationally, its draw is understandable. For this reason, when I went to see Wicked this summer I was obviously very excited! Not only did Wicked’s reputation precede it, but it had also been on my to-watch list for about four years.
Possibly the biggest draw is Wicked’s consistently talented cast. The performance I saw featured notable Wicked star Gina Beck in the role of Glinda, and brilliant understudy Hayley Gallivan in the role of Elphaba. Beck was hilarious and heart-warming, while Gallivan was incredibly powerful. Her performance of Defying Gravity was show stopping!
The stage looked incredible too of course, and I often found myself drawn the way the actor interacted with the sets, especially during actor Ben Freeman’s show stopping rendition of Dancing Through Life, where the ensemble’s exceptional dance skills were showcased.
In fact, the ensemble were one of the most connected and impressively energetic I have seen in a show, however, my personal favourite performance of the night came from Marc McBride, ensemble cast member and understudy Boq, who made the occasionally annoying role extraordinarily likable with his bouncy movements and childlike tone. A star!

Overall I was extremely impressed with this production of Wicked, and was extremely grateful that many of the cast members came to the stage door after the performance. It gave a few audience members an opportunity to congratulate cast members and ask some questions (We received some useful tips for Harriet Thorpe, the cast’s Morrible). Overall the production was brilliant, the ticket process were reasonable and the experience as a whole will be something I won’t be forgetting in a hurry! 

Verdict - 4 1/2 Stars